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Healthy soils are more efficient and give better yields and output.

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Whatever level of service you're looking for, whether it's standard index soil testing or a complete soil health check, we've got a service option for you...

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If you'd like to book a service, or just want to learn more about what we do, we'd love to hear from you...

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What We Do

We offer a wide range of soil analysis services, offering growers far more knowledge about their soils, allowing for better nutritional decision making.

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Interpreting Data

Using in-field and laboratory science, our detailed analyses can give you key recommendations and advice on a field by field basis to improve your soil’s health for long term benefits to productivity and sustainability.

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Soil Analysis

Discover how we can analyse every aspect of your soil to offer tailored advice to help you improve your soil's health for long term benefits...

  • Soil Nutrients & Minerals

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  • Soil Biology

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  • Soil Texture & Structure

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  • Soil Potential

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  • Tailored Services

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Soil Nutrients & Minerals

Using SSM’s Gold analysis we can assess not only the total nutrients & minerals in your soil, but also how much of it is actually available to crops.

Soil Biology

Biological activity and the health of your soil can be measured by assessing earthworm, slug, beetle and microbial activity

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Soil Texture & Structure

We can analyse rooting depth, capping, compaction and drainage to advise on the best course of action to improve your specific field’s soil structure

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Soil Potential

By working with precision experts from Omnia, we can calculate the theoretically achievable yield for your soil, determine what’s holding your yields back and come up with a plan to help you reach your potential.

Tailored Services

All our services are highly flexible, allowing us to tailor them to specific grower needs

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The Pinnacle of Soil Analysis

Our soil analyses

  • The Healthy Soils Assessment
  • SSM - Gold Assessment
  • SSM - Silver Assessment
  • SSM - Bronze Assessment

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