Silver Assessment

Chemically focused soil test

SSM Silver

A chemically focused service which incorporates all aspects of the Bronze test along with:

  • An enhanced understanding of nutrient quantities in Kg/Ha
  • Indication of soils’ biological and physical properties
  • Subsequent seasonal nutrition planning

The SSM Silver test includes:

  • Active (water) pH
  • Average bulk density figures adjusted
  • Organic matter (LOI)
  • Organic carbon
  • P, K & Mg indexes
  • Boron, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt and Sulphur (sulphate)
  • Exchangeable cations (Ca, Mg, K, Na, H)
  • Cation exchange capacity (estimated)
  • Individual recommendations (optional)
  • Individual results page
  • Summary sheets
  • SNS & Nmax options
  • SSM field visit (by request)
  • Basic lime recommendations

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