Sustainable Soil Benefits

Your Farm, Your Soils, Your Solution.

Improving Soil Health

Healthy soils are more efficient and give better yields and output.

We transform statements about your soil into strategies for your business.

Using in-field and laboratory science, our detailed analysis sets out key recommendations and advice on a field by field basis to improve your soil’s health for long term benefits to productivity and sustainability.

The SSM soil analysis replaces the limited index methodology system. We calculate each soil nutrient property in kg per hectare so your results are a workable, accurate treatment to reach your soils’ potential.

Other benefits of having an SSM soil analysis include:

  • Increased profitability and resilience of your business
  • Reduced reliance on manufactured fertilisers – less cost and better long-term impact on your soil and crop
  • Increased soil contribution to crop and livestock nutrition
  • Increased ability to utilise available nutrients; cycle and free-up ‘complex/locked’ nutrient reserves
  • Helps prevent degradation of soils and associated environmental issues
  • Increased soil structure and workability
  • Integration with precision farming systems.

You’re the farm’s best asset

Effective soil management and – equally importantly – your outlook towards it are the two essential ingredients to improve your farm’s output.

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