Healthy Soils Assessment

The pinnacle of soil analysis

The Healthy Soils Assessment

A service which combines all aspects of the SSM Gold, Silver and Bronze tests along with:

  • Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure test
  • Water infiltration assessment
  • Laboratory assessment of key macro and micro nutrients
  • A bespoke audit report including all test results, that enables standardised reporting of soil for benchmarking purposes.

Assessment Outcomes

The Healthy Soils analysis gives growers total understanding of their soil’s performance.

Making it possible to create strategies with soil experts and manage soils to exploit their full potential.

The Healthy Soils assessment includes:

  • A detailed Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS) test conducted through the soil profile
  • Infiltration assessment to reveal any issues with soil structure, capping and impermeable horizons
  • Cropping & Cultivations Review
  • Soil Texture assessment
  • Soil Health is assessed using techniques including Solvita C02 burst test
  • pH & key nutrients are assessed on three horizons and soil samples are taken for laboratory assessment to identify key macro and micro nutrients
  • Key organisms are assessed to show the numbers of Epigeic, Endogeic and Anecic worms within the top 200mm of the soil profile
  • Soil Yield Potential Assessment by Omnia Precision software
  • Compliments the TerraMap soil scanning service.

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