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Symptom Diagnosis

Symptoms are only a result of a cause. We research the symptoms to diagnose the causes.

Sampling Equipment

We can access and supply soil angering equipment as required.

In-field Training

We offer individual or group training sessions on all aspects of soil and soil management.

Product Evaluation

We monitor and test products which can help improve and stabilise soil health and the environment.

Crop and Soil Diagnosis

We can offer identification and  guidance for crop and soil related symptoms.

The bulk of our business is the detailed soil analysis along our Gold, Silver and Bronze suites. These deliver far more knowledge about the soil allowing for better nutritional decision making. This covers everything from soil applied nutrients, right through to targeted foliar nutrients. We also help producers to better understand their soils, allowing for better cultivation methods or aeration practises in grassland.

Services available

We offer a variety of services depending on the customer’s requirements

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Field Trials

We conduct independent crop trials to evaluate techniques and systems of soil improvement.

Soil Field Testing

Bulk Density and soil stability testing carried out and fully reported.

Soil Pit Guides

GVS Visual soil assessment methods available on request.

Laboratory Analysis of European Soils

We cater for all European soils and testing systems.