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Offering the most comprehensive soil analytical and interpretation service to agriculture across Europe.

34 Years of applying the principles of the Albrecht® soil survey across Europe has led to the development of the most advanced soil analytical service available to UK and European farmers  

It is well understood that if we can’t measure the soils fertility correctly we cannot truly advise on its sustainability and profitability.

To boost crop production we have to understand how the soil we are managing is working. The more we know about the soil the better able we are to get the most out of them in a sustainable & Profitable manor.

To deliver on NUE (Nutrient use efficiency) and (sustainable intensification) one firstly has to measure the true potential and fertility of the soil.  Undertake a SSM European Cation soil analysis,

The conventional systems are being left wanting for answers. The basic sampling methods employed simply do not give enough information to sustain crop production, against the changes in the weather patterns and increasing weed and disease pressures.

Chemical dependency is no longer a viable alternative, as we see resistance to major weed and disease groups occurring ( Blackgrass and Yellowrust). There doesn’t seem to be any new chemical solutions on the horizon and there is a constant pressure for re-registration of old molecules causing the revocation of products. This is not set to be resolved by chemistry alone, and this is why companies and growers are turning towards the principles of sound rotation and soil health related programs.

There is no one answer to the changing conditions we face other than the most basic concept that every plant we grow for food and all of its nutrients which nourish us are derived from the soil. So without a functioning soil and the knowledge to keep it functioning, demands on crop production will be hard to meet.

Only a complete picture of the soils attributes, and qualified interpretation can determine a soils potential for cropping and outline a course for improvement.

SSM sustainable soil management prides itself on this concept and is engaging growers across Europe towards developing a program of sustainable production.

The advisors at SSM combine years of practical agricultural cropping and soil experience from across Europe and the Middle East. Initially working alongside the Glenside Group the SSM was formed to meet the ever increasing demand from growers and associated companies for knowledge led advice on practical soil management and understanding soil fertility in relation to Nutrient use efficiency of materials used.

The long established system of interpreting base saturation of a soil in relation to its nutrient holding capacity, Total Cation Exchange (TEC) has often come under criticism from conventional methods, but we are very recently seeing that as agricultural demands for high quality and quantity food production increases exponentially in light of food for fuel argument.

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