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Offering the most comprehensive soil analytical and interpretation service to agriculture across Europe.

Sustainable Soil Management

35 Years of applying the principles of cation soil analysis  across Europe has led to the development of the most advanced soil analytical service available to UK and European farmers.  

It is well understood that if we cant measure the soils fertility correctly we can not truly advise on its ability to maximise production.

To sustain crop production we have to understand our soils better. Our system uses the best modern analytical methods and then produces practical solutions to meet the needs of the soil and the crops growing in them.

To deliver on NUE (Nutrient use efficiency) and (sustainable intensification)  principles, we need  to measure the true potential and fertility of the soil. Our tailored soil analysis suites do just that.

Training and full on site visits are available across Europe.

Training and Consultancy

Experienced and qualified personnel are on hand to interpret all samples.

Soil Interpretation Service

There are 3 main soil analysis suites available: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Our services are avaible through a wide net work of distributors and agronomists.

Comprehensive Soil Samples

Options Available

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Integrated soil Biological advice

Soil Biological Advice

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Request a Comprehensive SSM soil sample on line today and see how sustainable your soils are.

* Announcements and Events*

 The Sustainable soil management team will be at various AHDB meetings this autumn.

We will also exhibiting at

CropTec 28-29th Nov 2018

Cereals  12-13th June 2019